Hawaiian Sunset

Close up of multi media art piece featuring a sun made with many pieces of fused glass sun is yellow red and orange and has images of a volcano, turtle, hibiscus, palm tree, wave and fish hook in the center and the background is a sun colored circle ringed in teal blue sky

Please enjoy my video of the making of Hawaiian Sunset! 00:08 S1: Hi, and welcome to creating Hawaiian sunset. My name is Emily Ohland, and I’m the artist and owner of Ohland studios. I am so excited to share with you my creative process and how this multi-media art work came to be. So each…

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Marcia’s Mom’s Kitty

cat suncatcher

A couple of years ago a childhood friend contacted me and asked if I would be able to make a sun catcher of her mom’s cat. Mom was aging and LOVED her kitty and as we all struggle to find special gifts for our aging loved ones, Marcia thought that this would be a nice…

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